Wednesday, December 22, 2010

22 DECEMBER 2010

生活营结束了 =)
不错不错 =)

I dont know how many times it's happened.
but my tears is uncontrollable shed out.
2hours.! my god.

I hate myself that's easily to cry out.
I hate that I need to say sory.
I hate to explain so much.

I need someone who believe with me.
I need someone who can trust me well.
without any reason.
without any excuses.

Can you Just listen to me?
or else.
I dont know what should I do.
Now and Future.

I never change.

stop it..
I'm really sorry.

my mood is just like the rainy day outside.
heavy ♥

1 comment:

dark destiny said...

Oh dun be frustrated, dun hate yourself so much, when u develop love upon yourself,u find that everything u hate disappear.Anyway, 冬至快乐