Sunday, January 9, 2011

for huili =) my dear stephy.

I saw ur comment dat u left.

and wad i wan to say is..
i'll nvr forget u..
bt honestly, i waited u lng time, my dear.
I noe we have changed much more.
u got ur new life.
and i got my own.

u're far away from me.
I duno wad happened around u.
U duno wad i wan from u.
I'm still care about u.
bt really sorry dat i didnt find u for a long period.
as i'm waiting u.
as i cnt receive ur reply whn i find u. 2times..
maybe u alrd forgot.
so i tot u forgot.

our friendship
when i'm form1 with you.
until form4.
everyday morning and breakfast.
our same habits.
we like milk.
we like black and white.
everytime meeting.
everytime we cooperate
everytime u and cheehoi fight.
everytime we trick somebody else.
all of that i'll nvr forget.
it's a sweet memory =)

but everytime we date..
and everytime we nvr really have a date...

I dont know why will dis happen.
it's because my role ?
or ..?

and for now.
I thk i'll be lack of topic wif u.
but can we find back wad we lost ?

please forvgive my selfish.
and act i duno whr i wan to post dis at..
dun left me alone =)
we jiayou together.
be happier.
I dunwan see ur upset
and throw away those bad guy.
love urself more !!
kay? ^^


Steph. said...

I did reply lo weih. =|
and u know, i miss u too.
nowadays my life have changed and become so much different than before, i do really understand gap will occurs and time do change us.

You always have a place in my heart, do remember that, and miss me.
i miss u too.
stephy. =)

" xiiao jiuN ~ said...

I didnt receive any. =C

I noe u become much more mature =)
ur thinking is diff ad before.
but I'm still here, the one same.

kay.. keep contact and i promise,
I'll never forgot u =)
I'm with you now^^

Steph. said...

LOL why u think so i became much more mature.. :P

" xiiao jiuN ~ said...

because u're now different =)
ur talking is diff.^^